Furry and chic

Furry and chic

lindsey-wixson-by-junseob-yoon-for-vogue-korea-december-2015-1 lindsey-wixson-by-junseob-yoon-for-vogue-korea-december-2015-2 lindsey-wixson-by-junseob-yoon-for-vogue-korea-december-2015-3 lindsey-wixson-by-junseob-yoon-for-vogue-korea-december-2015-5 lindsey-wixson-by-junseob-yoon-for-vogue-korea-december-2015-6 lindsey-wixson-by-junseob-yoon-for-vogue-korea-december-2015-7 lindsey-wixson-by-junseob-yoon-for-vogue-korea-december-2015-8 lindsey-wixson-by-junseob-yoon-for-vogue-korea-december-2015-9

 Photo Credit: Lindsay Wixson with Fashion Editor Ye Young Kim
by Junseor Yoon for VOGUE KOREA Dec15


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