Green I love you

Green I love you

Green is one of my favourite colours.
Well, rather the olive green or army green.
In this new story, the stylings enhance this colour by matching it with colours like white, ivory, black or dark blue.
Creating perfect looks for any moment or day.

El verde es uno de mis colores favoritos.
Bueno, más bien el verde oliva o verde militar.
En esta nueva historia, los estilismos realzan este color junto a combinaciones como el blanco, el marfil, el negro o el azul marino.
Creando looks perfectos para cualquier momento o día.

maria-borges-by-sofia-sanchez-mauro-mongiello-for-harper_s-bazaar-germany-february-2016 maria-borges-by-sofia-sanchez-mauro-mongiello-for-harper_s-bazaar-germany-february-2016-9 maria-borges-by-sofia-sanchez-mauro-mongiello-for-harper_s-bazaar-germany-february-2016-8 maria-borges-by-sofia-sanchez-mauro-mongiello-for-harper_s-bazaar-germany-february-2016-7 maria-borges-by-sofia-sanchez-mauro-mongiello-for-harper_s-bazaar-germany-february-2016-6 maria-borges-by-sofia-sanchez-mauro-mongiello-for-harper_s-bazaar-germany-february-2016-4 maria-borges-by-sofia-sanchez-mauro-mongiello-for-harper_s-bazaar-germany-february-2016-3 maria-borges-by-sofia-sanchez-mauro-mongiello-for-harper_s-bazaar-germany-february-2016-1

Shot by Sofia Sanchez Mauro Mongiello featuring Maria Borges for HARPER´S BAZAAR Germany Feb 16


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by Verónica Delgado

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