Male sensual look

Male sensual look

How can a woman make a male look hers?
It is very easy, use a good make-up, play a little matching some jewelry, adopt a sensual attitude “et voilà!”.
¿Cómo puede una mujer hacer suyo un look masculino?
Es muy fácil, usa un buen maquillaje, juega un poco combinando varias joyas, adopta una actitud sensual “et voilà!”.

kate-bogucharskaia-by-ruben-de-wilde-for-vogue-netherlands-december-2015-1 kate-bogucharskaia-by-ruben-de-wilde-for-vogue-netherlands-december-2015-2 kate-bogucharskaia-by-ruben-de-wilde-for-vogue-netherlands-december-2015-3 kate-bogucharskaia-by-ruben-de-wilde-for-vogue-netherlands-december-2015-4. kate-bogucharskaia-by-ruben-de-wilde-for-vogue-netherlands-december-2015-5

 Photo Credit: Kate Bogucharskaia by Ruben de Wilde for VOGUE NETHERLANDS Dec 2015.


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by Verónica Delgado

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