More white please – 2

More white please – 2

I don´t know if it happens to you, but white is one of my favourite colours, however, i have very few white clothes.
I suppose that it is because it is so delicate that the garments have such a short life.
Deodorants and our bad running water quality in Ibiza don´t help too much either.
From now on, it will be on my priorities future shopping wish list.

No sé si a vosotros os pasa, pero el blanco es uno de mis colores favoritos, sin embargo, tengo muy poca ropa blanca.
Supongo que es porque es tan delicada que las prendas tienen una vida muy corta.
Los desodorantes y la mala calidad del agua corriente en Ibiza tampoco ayudan demasiado.
A partir de ahora, estará en mi lista de prioridades para mis futuras compras.

giampaolo-sgura-for-vogue-germany-february-2016-1 giampaolo-sgura-for-vogue-germany-february-2016-3 giampaolo-sgura-for-vogue-germany-february-2016-6 giampaolo-sgura-for-vogue-germany-february-2016-15 giampaolo-sgura-for-vogue-germany-february-2016-18 giampaolo-sgura-for-vogue-germany-february-2016-21 giampaolo-sgura-for-vogue-germany-february-2016-26 giampaolo-sgura-for-vogue-germany-february-2016-41 giampaolo-sgura-for-vogue-germany-february-2016-46 giampaolo-sgura-for-vogue-germany-february-2016-73 giampaolo-sgura-for-vogue-germany-february-2016

Shot by Giampaolo Sgura featuring Mariacarla Boscono, Maartje Verhoef, Daria Strokous, Sam Rollinson, Sunghee Kim, Herieth Paul, Julia van Os and Mina Cvetkovic
for VOGUE Germany Feb 2016


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