Party Make-up

Party Make-up

Metallic make-up, glitter and sequins glued on our skin, are some of the most chic trends, at this moment, for our party nights.
Do you dare?
Happy weekend!!!

Maquillajes metálicos, purpurina y lentejuelas pegadas sobre nuestra piel, son algunas de las tendencias más chic, en estos momentos, para nuestras noches de fiesta.
¿Te atreves?
Buen fin de semana!!!

qian-xu-by-liu-song-for-vogue-china-december-2015-1 qian-xu-by-liu-song-for-vogue-china-december-2015-2 qian-xu-by-liu-song-for-vogue-china-december-2015-3 qian-xu-by-liu-song-for-vogue-china-december-2015-4 qian-xu-by-liu-song-for-vogue-china-december-2015-5 qian-xu-by-liu-song-for-vogue-china-december-2015-6 qian-xu-by-liu-song-for-vogue-china-december-2015-7

Shot by Liu Song featuring Cong He Make-up Sun Qi for VOGUE China Dec 2015


Thanks! / Gracias!

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